Thursday, July 13, 2017

It has been quite awhile

Three years later...

   I honestly don't know where to begin, Its been almost 3 years since I have posted anything on this. For that I am truly sorry. Sometimes though we have to get back to the basics. I needed to take a break from it all.... I guess anyway, I'm honestly not sure what contributed to me putting my blog on the back burner. The kids are growing so fast and I have been working on myself.

     Sitting here thinking about it, I am certain part of me stopping the blog was shame... Where we left off.  I was trying to quit smoking, but wasn't able to do it. It's a war I am still fighting. over the past three years I have tried to quit on and off a few times without success. I tried the vaping thing, cold turkey, chewing gum, and a few other ways to keep my mind off of smoking a cigarette. All to no avail, at the beginning July this year I decided it was time to quit for good. No bullshit and no excuses. In this post from three years ago I outlined a plan to quit. Smoking once every hour for a week then going two hours between smokes the next week and so on until I was free. Unfortunately it didn't work out too well so I revised my plan. Instead of doing it a week at a time. I am not trying it a month at a time.

   July has been going pretty good for me so far. I wont lie to you I have slipped up a couple times. But for the most part I have been sticking to my guns. The first few days after putting my plan into action were a little hard I'll admit. However twelve days into the battle and its getting easier to go an hour between smokes. I know the start of next month is going to be a bit harder, making myself wait two hours between each cigarette But hopefully it will play out the same way it has this month and will become easier with each day.

Enough about death sticks

  The geek in me had to, I'm sure you understand. As I sit here and contemplate this post I realize there really wasn't anything for me to be ashamed of. Everyone has problems in life, and just because we fail occasionally doesn't mean we need to be ashamed of our failures. Instead take our failures and learn from them. Mold and shape those failures into success, each and everyone of us has that ability. There is nothing shameful in failing, the shame comes from not trying. And on that thought I must take my leave of you lovely people for the time being.

Thank you so much for reading, please feel free to share this post. And I hope you all have an incredibly awesome day!