Monday, April 7, 2014

The P***ification of the interwebs.

 Here's the deal, more people than I can count are using social media to connect with others. Whether it is to connect with family, friends, even long lost relatives... Be it in a group of like minded people, a group of people who are in the same situation as you or I, and countless other groups on the myriad of social networking sites that are out there.

 There is a problem with this though, and that is that even joining groups with like minded people there are still going to be people who don't think they way you do. There could be things posted that you don't agree with or condone. Which is completely fine, we are all human... I think, if not would you please contact me. I would love to be the one to initiate first contact with an alien species.

 Being human is to error, no one is perfect and what one person may see as appropriate another may not. People tend to forget things like this though and think that everyone should cater to their thoughts and needs instead of trying to better the whole. One such incident happened not too long ago, a post was made and one person did not agree with it. He had voiced his opinion on it, not only did the poster apologize to him but many of the others in the same group had also apologized.

 But instead of leaving it as it was and blocking the thread this person completely left the group and went on to write a blog demoralizing the group as a whole, as well as the network affiliated with the group. Which in my opinion was completely wrong to do seeing as how it was not the entire group or the affiliated party who was responsible for the post.

 This type of behavior in my opinion is what contributes as George Carlin puts it, to the complete pussification of america... Not just america though but also the world, I completely agree with free speech and the right to voice ones opinion, which would have been fine. But to sit there and whine about a post and and then turn around after being apologized to and write a blog bashing the entire group and its affiliates...

 There was absolutely no need in it, yet this person did it anyway. There could have been many reasons for it.

 1. He could have genuinely been insulted and did not want to see that kind of content. There is a block button for that and no one has super glued your eye's to the computer. 

2. To make themselves look better in the eyes of another... 

3. To get more clicks on their blog... Which would be the worst reason in my opinion 

 I am sure there could be other reasons for their actions, whatever the reason the action they took could have been a much better one, and not include bashing of innocent people or the inclusion of them simply because they are in the same group or affiliated with them in any way. 

 As I said earlier I completely agree with being able to speak your mind on whatever it is you want. But there is also a line there, and when it is crossed you are not speaking your mind. You are bashing people and destroying the work of others who have busted their butts trying to make a good name for themselves and others. Simply because of not agreeing with something someone said or posted.

 In the end it boils down to this there are countless people using the same social media sites as you and I there will almost always be a time when we see something we don't agree with. But do not blame everyone for the actions of one person. Not only is that wrong but is also hurtful to those who had no interest in the post simply by affiliation.

 As always thank you for reading, I hope you share this with your friends. Even more importantly I hope you have a wonderful day!