Monday, March 17, 2014

One fish two fish red fish SHARK!!!

Batman Up!

Originally we had planned on going to the Zoo on Sunday... However it was a little colder than it was supposed to be, so we decided to go with our contingency plan The Dallas World Aquarium.
  We got all suited up, packed all of our luggage, and headed to IHOP for breakfast, they were packed so we went back to Denny's. Had some breakfast and headed to the aquarium.  

I loved the entrance, except for the fact it felt like we were walking on a snake with as mush twisting and turning as we did, and it went on for what seemed like a mile. I kinda felt like Dory in Finding Nemo. "Just keep swimming." I was excited to get there but I had to keep repeating to myself just keep walking. 

They had big cages setup for animals, we seen some birds in a couple of them. It would have been nice to be able to actually look at the habitats they had setup but the walkway was really skinny and people were about pushing each other to go up the ramp. It felt like walking into a forest, then out of nowhere the ticket counter appeared. Almost 80 dollars to get into the place

It was pretty cool walking in and around the corner is this waterfall, The atmosphere was great, a wide open area with birds flying around and monkeys hanging out in the tree's.
 I counted at least 6 monkey's jumping around in the tree, these guys here and another smaller monkey I wasn't able to get any pictures of.

This area was pretty cool, but like the entrance the only path through it was a tight squeeze. It was also over crowded with people it was hard trying to get up to the railing. I really didn't feel comfortable letting Ryder walk around even holding one of our hands. There were just so many people it was crazy.
 these guys were hanging out by the bottom of the waterfall, and granted they are not fish... they do spend a lot of time in the water.

It would be interesting to see how well the ducks and monkeys got along over a extended period of time. I would be willing to bet the monkeys give the ducks hell.

Though the ducks would probably have the protection of the birds.
For instance fluffy here looks like he could probably take a chunk out of someone. 


  Are you kidding me look at the size of these beasts, we found them as we made our way around a lower level near the bottom of the waterfall. I was thinking it must be nice to be a gator. Nothing is going to mess with you except humans. you can chill out where you want, and if something see's you coming it Shits itself and gets out of the way real quick... Even a lot of humans.

 "Happy" was downstairs near the gators, just look at the grin on him. You know he's been eating the good greens. It put a smile on all our faces to find such a happy turtle.

 We had been in the aquarium for over a hour and still hadn't seen any fish... They did however have some sloths up near the food stand cafeteria area.

I caught this guy out of the corner of my eye so I snapped a picture, 
I'm not sure what he was supposed to be doing. I do know however he is most certainly not a fish.

interestingly enough they had flamingos as well. Anna wouldn't let me take any home for yard decoration, 
so I didn't even bother to ask. But if you ask me they would look a lot better than the plastic kind. It just came to me, what is the deal with the plastic flamingos anyway what kind of person would it take to put something like that in their yard? I would be willing to bet there are some people out there with whole flocks of flamingos in their yard.

check it out the second pair of hooters I was able to take a picture of on our trip. Aren't they beauties.

We came around a bend to see these uh animals standing in the middle of the walkway right before the entrance to see the fish. Ryder wouldn't take his eyes off them for fear of having his soul eaten. Rebel was much braver to turn her back upon them. But you can tell she isn't happy about it.

Yay Fish! Unfortunately the tank areas were even more crowded than the rest.We tried for a photo with mommy and the kids, but Ryder had seen a fish, and Rebel was also hypnotized by the tank. 
Seahorses how cool is that, you can also participate in classes at the Aquarium 
to learn underwater equestrian skills and techniques.

 Me and Anna had a spirited debate about this fish. She said it wasn't an Angel Fish. I say it is, It's obvious of the left angel where it's mouth is. If it had been swimming the other direction it would have been a right angel fish.

So far the whole aquarium aspect of this building isn't looking too hot. they had a few fish and a few different tanks. But the tanks were all small and didn't have a lot in them.

The big tanks they had were filled with a good bit of river fish. We did catch a glimpse of a manatee but it was only after someone had already shouted manatee and everyone started rushing to the glass.  They had two tunnels where you could walk underneath the fish. The first one wasn't all that great. There were a couple big fish in it but nothing spectacular. However the second and obvious crown of the whole aquarium trip was the sharks!

This tunnel made the whole trip in my opinion. It was awesome seeing the sharks and stingrays gliding around the tank. There were some sawtooth sharks as well. Though it was crowded if you stayed in one area it wasn't too bad and the fish were swimming all around us. There was also a outdoor penguin exhibit. we didn't check that out though due to the cold and the crowds.

After the shark tank we came out and seen this leopard looking cat.It wasn't a leopard and I can't remember what it was, but it wasn't a catfish either.

We had a great time at the aquarium even though we were fighting through crowds to see the little bit we got to see. The aquarium may be worth the 80 dollar admission if it weren't as crowded but I still wouldn't call it an aquarium there were more birds and other animals than fish. And not a place you want to go when it is crowded. the walkways were way too small, it just felt like there were too many people in there.  

  We walked out with smiles on our faces and at the end of the day that's all that matters I can see us going back, but I will most certainly trying to find a coupon or something to get in with, and it will most certainly not be on a weekend.  

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