Friday, March 7, 2014

The Little Things in Life...

 We are at roughly T-13 hours and 40 minutes till we leave for family trip 2014, headed for Dallas and my first big trip. Almost everything is packed and ready to go, just a few more things to throw in and we will be ready to go. Everyone is excited even though the kids don't know where we are going yet. Rebel has been trying to figure it out and even guessed close this morning, which if it's raining she would be right. Her guess was the Aquarium. Which would be awesome as well, but we decided on the Zoo and Science Museum

  I know I said I would most likely not be posting anything else until we got back but this was just too good not to share. The past couple days Rebel has not been behaving all too well. Normal kids stuff nothing all too bad, just not wanting to listen, pay attention, and getting really loud inside the house. Since there was no school today they were allowed to stay up late last night in hopes that I would be able to sleep in a little this morning, well it worked for an extra 20 minutes before Rebel came knocking on the door. At which point I told her to go watch some T.V. and I would be up in a little bit. I laid in there for about 10 more minutes before I heard Ryder awake.

As soon as I came out of the room Rebel was right there waiting on me, "daddy, I made something for you."
With our children it can go one of two ways, either a huge mess to clean up or not. Thankfully it wasn't a huge mess for me to clean up. Instead I had a wonderful surprise waiting for me on the desk.

  Rebel said she made it to say sorry for the way she has been behaving lately. When I seen it I was the happiest daddy in the world. Her behavior completely forgiven... But don't tell her that! This little note absolutely made my day, The little things in life do make life worth living. I read someone once that you should be happy for everything a child give's you, even if it is just a small grey pebble. Children don't have much to give and that pebble may be the only thing they do have to give, and you were the one they chose to give it to. 

 That being said take a step back and enjoy the little things in life even if it's only for a minute or two. They may make you smile even more than you already are. 

 I really hope you enjoyed reading this, and hopefully it made you smile a little it sure did me. Share it with your friends and put a smile on their face. This will be my last post until after we get back from Dallas so until then I hope all of your days are filled with smiles and love!