Sunday, March 2, 2014

My First Big Trip

 Coming up this weekend we are going to be taking a family trip down to Dallas Texas, we plan on going to the Dallas Zoo and also to the Perot Museum of Nature and Science. The kid's don't know yet, Rebel just read over my shoulder that we are taking a trip to Dallas. Luckily I hadn't wrote anything other than the first sentence when she was reading.

  I am so excited about this trip, we always have a great time when we go out as a family. But I am also nervous about the whole thing, the reason being this is the first family trip I am planning as the stay at home parent. It is so not as easy as I thought it was going to be. I have been searching all day trying to find the best cheapest hotel room's for our night in Dallas. Which in itself is no easy task especially after reading review's on some of them, I am very glad I didn't jump on that $45.00 room. 

   Granted the majority of people who write review's are doing it because they are not satisfied with something during their stay. Front desk associate's being rude, the area around the hotel not being all that great, and nothing to eat near it. I can deal with those things, but when I seen in the review's "cockroaches and bedbugs" or drug dealer's hanging around outside of our room. Those put up a HUGE red flag, thing's like that are completely unacceptable and had made the search for a place to stay that much harder.

 After searching for awhile I asked my buddy's on My facebook group I got some good idea's there, Yelp, Priceline, and after searching all of those we finally found a decent looking place with some good review's for $100 for two night's which isn't too awfully bad. And I have to thank Anna for taking over the search when I started to get frustrated all of the negative review's I was reading was getting tiring very quick.

  Ok break time Ryder just ran by me and he is stinking to high heaven, pull up change time.... It wasn't that bad, I guess just one of those atomic fart's he has. That is also one thing that has contributed to the hindrance of being able to get anything done as far as planning goes. Kid's can play a pivotal role in whether or not you can get anything done, both of our's have proven this time and time again.

One thing I have taken from my wife is to make a list of everything you will need on a trip. I have a full page of item's I will have to pack before we head out on Friday night. Being the obsessive compulsive I am when it comes to traveling I will most likely have it all packed Wednesday and be checking it every morning and night before I go to sleep.... Then I will still probably forget something which is why I'll check before we leave as well.

 On top of it I have been keeping my eye on the weather one minute it's going to be raining the next it's not. I really wish it would make up it's mind, but as any good planner (and me too)  know's . Make a contingency plan, just in case it is raining we have also looked into going to the Dallas World Aquarium. Neither of them have been to a Aquarium before so that would be a adventure as well. 

 As has become our tradition we will also be wearing the same type of shirt. Our last few trip's has been Batman.
Tulsa Oklahoma Zoo
 We have a method behind our madness, the shirt's are easy to remember so if we happen to get separated someone will hopefully put 2+2 together, it has worked wonderfully in the past with the people at the Science Museum in Oklahoma city, and the Tulsa Zoo. At the science museum we had the entire kitchen staff on the food court humming the batman theme song, and the lady at the front desk remembered us as soon as we walked back into the building. At the Tulsa Zoo we had a chance for a interview with the local news crew, unfortunately we couldn't participate because we did not actually live in Tulsa. The reporter said our shirt's caught his attention immediately and we had a nice 10 minute conversation with him. We had also heard many parent's and group's commenting on us being the bat family.

 Since we are going to be staying for 2 night's in Dallas we will be going to get us another super hero shirt. Not sure exactly what yet, but you will have the chance to find out when I post the blog of our trip! Which is another thing I cannot wait to do, I really love sharing our adventure's and day to day activity's with you guys. And I appreciate all of you who share my stories and adventure's with your friends. I would also love to hear any comment's you may have. Thank you for reading, I hope you have a wonderful day.