Monday, March 3, 2014

My take on the Oscars

2014 Oscar Trophy
Last night they rolled out the red carpet had the light's blazing and the stars were shining. Ellen DeGeneres shut down Twitter for a little bit with her celebrity selfie. She is also apparently considering a second career with Brad Pitt delivering pizza.
Ellen and Brad delivering pizza
Ellen's Twitter destroying selfie
  Facebook was also blowing up with talk of the Oscar's Who was winning what, what was going on with the Oscar's.

 But honestly whats the big F'ing deal, people all over the country pay out million's of dollar's to go see these movie's and show's the actor's play in. Then a seven hour event is hosted to see who the best of the best is. 

 Yet we are on the brink of another cold war with Russia invading the Ukraine but where is this on Facebook or Twitter? As a parent I honestly am more concerned with our president pulling the trigger on another country, sending more men and women into the front lines. To defend our freedom and the freedom of others. 

Though I really don't agree with sending our forces back over sea's at this time considering all that we have already put them through in the past year's. Which apparently is not going to happen according to President Obama, who has suspended talk's in the G-8 summit.

   In 1994 President Bill Clinton signed an agreement along with John Major, Boris Yeltsin, and Leonid Kuchma; The then ruler's of the USA, UK, Russia, and Ukraine. Promising to uphold the territorial integrity of the Ukraine. The Budapest Memorandum the first article reads "The United States of America, the Russian Federation, and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, reaffirm their commitment to Ukraine ... to respect the Independence and Sovereignty and the existing borders of Ukraine."

 However that is not the only new's which may have been missed due to the Oscar's, The Pakistani military bombed a Taliban hideout. The strike came hour's after the Pakistani Taliban agreed to a one month cease fire to pursue negotiations with the government.

 Two of the U.S. gold medalist winner's in the Sochi Olympics said they will not be competing in  the world championship's.

And not to mention all of the local new's of missing person's and also the heartbreaking stories all across the country which were missed. The unemployment rate's, our national debt, or any number of thing's which effect our daily life.

 Now I'm not saying it's bad to watch the Oscar's or that it's wrong, but I am just wondering why we, and I use that term very loosely, seem to be more interested in what's going on with the red carpet versus what's actually happening in the real world.
Our children are not going to be worried about who won the Oscar's in 2014. But the thing's that can really affect them are left on the back burner when there are far more important things that could be discussed.

  I understand about talking about current event's with star's and celebrity's. But to make it an all day thing, and be more concerned about who is winning what, the newest *gag* Justin Beiber song that has come out, or *even bigger gag* Miley's Sledgehammer video. Has become more main stream than the real new's out there which we need to be paying attention to. Thing's that will actually effect our live's and the live's of our children.

 Those are just my thought's though, and I am but one small fish in one big sea. You may have a different opinion than I do and that is what makes America great. We are allowed to voice our thought's and opinion's. If you would like please like and share this thread with your friend's. I also would like to hear what you have to say in the comment's below. As always thank you for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day!