Wednesday, March 5, 2014

You can't believe everything you see...

 The title say's it all, recently there has been a seriously cool technology floating around Facebook. The hover-board from back to the future. Endorsed by Tony Hawk and and Christopher Lloyd. Now don't get me wrong when I was a kid and seen Marty McFly flying around on his I wanted one. Still to this day I want one, and when I seen the video floating around Facebook about it I almost had a mangasm...

  I mean really that would be so freaking awesome, and the video does look quite legit. But I also know the kind of technology we have today, and what Hollywood is capable of doing. so I bit my tongue and waited... Watching all of the people posting about the Hoverboard and how it was real and they couldn't wait to get their hand's on one. I sat back and waited something just told me it was too good to be true. And though it did give me a little glimmer of hope, my kid's would be able to experience something I seen and loved in a movie when I was their age.

It ultimately was a hoax as I figured it would be, It was just too good to be true. Many sites have posted on the hoax,,, and Essentially bursting many peoples happy little bubbles at the thought of a fully functional Hoverboard. With over 198,000 shares, 2,000 likes, and 8,000 comments this was just one of the Facebook pages it was posted on.

  Things like this just go to show you, you cannot believe everything you see posted on the internet. As our children grow they are exposed to more and more technology. When Back to the future was released there was no such thing as Facebook. Or sharing viral videos the way our children can today. The internet has brought the world closer together as a whole. but has also made it easier to fool the unsuspecting masses.

 Though this is something which is a innocent hoax and wouldn't hurt anyone, except for their feelings think about it like this.  March 26th, 1997, 39 member's of the Heaven's Gate cult committed mass suicide, If something like Marshall Applewhite's thoughts and beliefs were to go viral on Facebook.

  Our children would be in some serious danger, the thought of something like that happening really horrifies me. This is something that needs to be brought to light with our children, to use common sense when on the Internet not just Facebook but all of it. Our children are our future and if they were to start believing everything they see online... Well I don't think it would turn out too well.

 Take the time to talk to them even if they are not very active on the internet, because you can't always believe everything you see in real life either. Think of all the magicians out there who everyday wow and amaze not only children but grown adults as well. This is one of the things that our children will not learn in schools or from any teacher. It is something we as responsible adults need to instill in them, common sense and the ability to think before they act.

  I hope you enjoyed my latest blog, if you have or think one of your friends should read it please feel free to share it with them. I always look forward to hearing from you in the comments. Thanks for reading, I hope you all have a wonderful day!