Tuesday, February 11, 2014

A little kindness can go a long way

As a whole I think humanity has lost what it had, everyone used to have to rely on each other. It wasn't a matter of want, more of a matter of necessity. If your neighbor needed help of any kind you would be there for them, no matter how big or small the need was. There is a saying that it takes a village to raise a child, and that used to be true and still is for the most part. Even though you may think you are the one who is bringing your child up in this cruel world, you would be absolutely wrong.

   You are not factoring in the teachers who spend hours of their free time making lesson plans, or wondering if they are making a impact on your child among the countless others that they teach. Nor are you thinking about the police man who may only talk to your child once or twice during a field trip, or the fireman during the same circumstances.Or how about a soldier who is out there sweating in the trenches. How about the little old lady who offers your child a smile and kind word at the supermarket. And for that matter this big burly biker.


  In my opinion the mother of this child should be ashamed of herself. People like her put a label on this man. She did not know him at all but she thought it her place to put the image of a "dirty biker" into her daughter's head.  As he stated he would be the first person to run into their burning house to save her child's goldfish. Everyone your child come's into contact with has a impact on our children's upbringing. Some good and some bad granted but nonetheless a impact. 

  Now here's a Question for you, Have you taken the time to thank any of them? And that's not what we really need, it's nice to hear a thank you or even a kind word from someone. But what we as a whole really need and are lacking is passing it on. I'm sure that most of you have heard about "paying it forward". Which is a amazing concept (not to mention movie). But my question is why do we have to wait for someone else to do something nice before we do something nice for another? 

I don't know if any of you have seen this... But it made me cry, laugh at me if you wish but this absolutely touched my heart. 

    The men and women in this video are true angel's going out of their way to help complete stranger's and animal's. This is what humanity has lost. Instead of stopping to help a little old lady cross the street most people would just pass them by, thinking it's not our problem they will get across the street and i can't waste the two minute's it would take to stop and help them. Is it so important that humanity can't take the two minute's out of our precious time to show kindness to a complete stranger? Humanity as a whole has quit helping each other to take care of themselves and their family's. We have become so closed minded we don't see when other's are in need of assistance, preferring only to worry about ourselves. 

   I am a husband and father, I constantly think of how I can look out for my family. To protect them and provide for them are my primary concerns, nothing is going to change that not now or ever. But I also remember the kindnesses me and my family had been shown when we were in time's of need. For instance it was shortly after we had our daughter, we had just moved into a place of our own and were struggling to make ends meet. We had bill's due and a child's stomach to feed, so doing the only thing we could we put off some of the bills we had at the time and went to buy grocery's while at the store we were standing in line talking about our bill's. The cashier had finished ringing us up and told us the total, as i was reaching for our money. The man and woman behind us pushed his card through the machine and said I've got this. It had absolutely blown our minds at this man's generosity. He asked for nothing from us, but to help those who are in need when we can. And since that day if we could help in some way shape or form we have done our best to do it. This man had started something great.

So in closing don't wait for someone to show you a kindness to pay it forward to someone else. Be the beginning of something great.

And I would also like to thank any and everyone who has ever had anything to do with my life from my teachers to the people whom I've passed on the street and got nothing more than a smile. Some day's those smiles helped more than you could know.