Thursday, February 13, 2014

Everyone can benefit from a nice smile !

 I have been trying to be a little more on the active side with blogging and sharing my experience's. This morning after I got Rebel on the bus. I was reading through some of the things other Stay at home dad's have posted and shared. These guys have become invaluable to me. Really thank you to all the guy's at My stay at home dad's group. And it got me thinking about writing this blog. As soon as my mind got set on writing it Ryder woke up (our 3 year old boy). But that's ok! Mickey Mouse is on he has his cup of coffee like daddy and is happy. So we are going to smile and keep on writing.

 Now back to my story, last night me and the kids stayed up a little late about 45 minutes past their bedtimes. SHHHH don't tell mommy, but I wanted to reward Rebel for doing so well on her flashcard's and spelling word's. So we stayed up and watched brave on the computer. Well this morning I let Rebel sleep in a little longer than normal. Usually it's a fight to get her ready for school, I'll get her up and 15 minutes later have to either go get her up again or walk in the bathroom and find her sitting on the heater vent still in her pajama's, which lead's to me getting upset cause we only have a hour to get all ready before school anyway.

  This morning I decided I'm not going to get upset at her I mean after all it is my fault she stayed up late. I went and woke her up, and let her know it was time to get ready. A few minute's later after I got my first cup of coffee. I went to make sure she was up, reminding myself the whole way to stay in a positive mood and not get upset. Naturally she was still laying in bed "stretching" as she like's to call it. I call it bundling up and hoping daddy doesn't notice the big lump under the cover's. I kept my cool and told her that since I let her sleep in we really didn't have time to be messing around this morning and please get up and get ready for school. Within less than 5 minute's she was out in the living room ready to go!

  We still had some time and I don't like her going to school hungry so I let her pick out breakfast which was a chocolate snack pack. Score one for daddy cause i get to lick the foil lid. I know I am a evil bastard. I get her settled in and get me another cup of coffee. After she get's done i notice the tell tale snack pack beard and mustache. I am groaning mentally but remind myself I'm not going to get upset. I clean her up and we still have about 10 minutes before she has to go out to the bus. This time normally consist's of me telling her she need's to brush her hair and teeth, and get her coat and backpack about seven times. She goes back to the bathroom and brushes her hair and teeth, meanwhile I'm going through her stuff to make sure it's all there. I look back in there and she is putting her hair up in pigtails. Another mental groan... But I am keeping my cool and we have time so I figure if it makes her happy then it's cool with me.

  She come's out finally and did a pretty good job on her hair thankfully, because we didn't have time to fix it. Out to the bus we headed joking and playing while we waited. As I watch the bus pull up I'm thinking of how blessed I am to be the father of this wonderful child and to get to spend the time with the kids that I do. And looking back on how much i missed out on while i was working. We say our goodbye's before the bus get's there, I tell her to have a wonderful day at school, be awesome, and that I love her.

   Normally I'm not a morning person but this morning has been absolutely great. I just had to make sure I was happy instead of getting upset over little things that would normally get under my skin. the trying to sleep in, pudding face, and trying to put her hair up when we didn't really have time. It's amazing what reminding yourself to be happy can accomplish and that was only a hour out of the day. I'm going to keep it going because I can do it. And everyone can benefit from a nice smile