Sunday, February 23, 2014

The time's they are a flying.

  I know it seem's like it has been forever since I've posted a blog, but in truth it has only been a couple of day's. Thing's have been a little on the hectic side the last few day's trying to get Anna's parent's house ready for them to move in. This has included a ton of digging, running water line to it, and trying to get the septic hooked up. It has also included me getting home with pipe cleaner and glue all over my finger's and hand's to the point it looked like I had strangled a smurf.... and last night I swear I brought enough dirt home with me to fill the grand canyon, well that's a little bit of a exaggeration but it was a lot. Enough I'm sure to fill a Tonka truck.

  It has also brought with it the joy's of pain, I think I may have bruised a rib while rolling over under the house, and my whole body is in a massive state of pain. Some of you know I have arthritis in my neck and deterioration of one of my vertebrae, and also the sciatica in my hip. For those who didn't now you do. So it hasn't been the best couple of day's. I'm just glad that Grandma has been able to help out with the kid's and cook dinner during the evenings while Anna was working. *Thumbs up for some awesome ribs and fried chicken !* Since you have all been brought up to date for the last couple day's now onto the actual blog in mind.

Time Flies:

 The last few day's for some reason there has been a trend going on of people mentioning how fast kid's grow up. And missing it when it's gone, my Dad, my Wife, and a few other's have said something about it. This morning I was reading facebook and noticed a post from one of the guy's in the S.A.H.D. group I'm in. About his son discovering his chest hair, A couple guy's said something about it as well and one from my buddy Cuda which said. "you will miss it when they stop." 

 It got me to thinking about all the thing's Rebel used to do with me, the little thing's that are aggravating at the time, like pulling on my beard hair, or thinking I am some sort of super human jungle gym. The constantly wanting to be held even when my hand's were full, no joke I could have 20 bag's of grocery's in my hand's (cause I would rather make 1 trip with 20 bag's than 2 trips with 10 bag's) and she would be trying to shimmy up my leg like a logger going up to top a tree. And the time's someone would try talking to her she would run around behind me and hide, at the time it was aggravating, but now 4 year's later I have realized. I was her shield, her protection, and her safety. 

  Looking back on it those day's being long gone. I really do miss them, it's one of those thing's you don't miss until it's gone. It seem's so far away now too, so much has happened since then.
First day of school
 First time she jumped off the diving board by herself, first time riding without training wheels, first time I sent her for a tool and she got it right away... And many many more firsts, too many to name, and there are yet to be a bunch more. I do however feel sorry for her first boyfriend. So if you happen to be reading this consider this my apology.

  Now what I am trying to get at here is that with all of the firsts of any child's life it's impossible to be there for them all, but the little things our children do each day that we may find annoying. Are things we need to start embracing,  because like any child's firsts they don't last forever. Our kid's grow and become their own people. Complete with their own personality's. 

  And it all happens way too fast, It really does fly by and there is no way to get it back, but to relive the moment's you can remember. And so I say enjoy it while it last's because it will end and you will miss it. Thank you all for reading I hope you have a wonderful day !