Friday, February 14, 2014

Support for Stay at home dad's

  After my wife and I decided it wouldn't do me much good to keep working due to my back and the pain it was putting me through, we switched role's. I took on the responsibility of being the stay at home parent and she went back to work. My first thought's as I'm sure has been the same for many people who have switched roles was this is going to be a cake walk. Well that's not the truth in ANY way shape or form. Being the stay at home parent is by far the hardest job I have undertaken, and I have had some seriously hard job's. Working on the circus, warehouse's, and about all of the trade's in the construction industry.

 None of them prepared me for taking care of two children and keeping house. And it's not just the physical labor or trying to keep up with someone 3 decades younger than I am, but also the mental stresses that come with the job. And to top it all off the back problem's I have do not help in the least.  I have learned a lot in the past seven month's almost all of it through trial and error. A lot of it because I didn't want to seem like a fool asking my wife about things. Which I also learned it doesn't hurt to ask, she had stayed at home with the kids for seven year's. She knew all the little tip's and trick's, and our kid's personality's better than I, because of the time she has spent with them. Lesson learned here: "The only stupid question is one left unasked."

  Beginning my adventure as a stay at home dad I felt as though I had no one to talk to. Having the wife at home when she is off of work is great, I love talking to her and spending time with her. But I was missing the companionship of the guy's being able to have a conversation that didn't involve Lightning Mcqueen, princesses, or barbie doll's. was really getting to me. Granted I love watching movie's with the kids and playing with them. But I was missing the adult element. Lesson learned here: Anyone who is staying home with the kid or kid's need's some type of adult interaction.

 One night I was waiting on my wife to get home, kid's were asleep and i was bored out of my mind. So i decided to see what I could find online searching for stay at home dad groups etc. I found a facebook group and immediately joined. After a couple day's of not seeing anything being posted on the group. I started searching again, and i was lucky enough to find a affiliate facebook group of the National at home dad network.

Facebook Groups:

Facebook group for stay at home dad's
 These guy's have been a life saver for my sanity. Thanks to all of you in our group!

Stay at home dad's UNCENSORED! 
As the name implies it is uncensored. you have been warned! but thanks to these guys as well

Northeast Ohio Stay at Home Dad's
A brand new group for Stay at Home Dad's in northeast Ohio.

Dad And Mom Blogger's. A group created by my good friend David. Also the guy who run's Dad All Day

Facebook page's you may want to Check out and like:

Mr.Awesome SAHD
Cuda's Facebook page. A pretty cool stay at home dad's Facebook page

Big Cheese Dad
Carl's Facebook page. He also has a blog listed below

Dad N Charge
Chris's Facebook page. He has a blog listed below also.

Just A Dad 247
Pat & Kepley's Facebook page. These guy's have a website listed below as well.

Geek Daddio of 4
Mike's Facebook page. Also the author of the blog site listed below.

Daddy's Nook
Yeah it's my Facebook site, but I have to take every shameless plug I can right!

Unfortunately there are not a whole lot of stay at home dad website's googling it will bring up a few result's but honestly from what I had seen most of the result's are not all that active.

National At Home Dad Network
 A great website for at home dad's with plenty of blogs and reading to check out.

Dad 2.0 summit
A great site for blogging dad's lot's of helpful information and a great community.

Dad all day
My good friend David's website, Whom I have to thank for getting me into blogging.

Just A Dad 247
Pat & Kepley's website a couple of awesome S.A.H.D.'s, They have some awesome content on their site.

Enlightened Neanderthals
This is one I found googling one day but still haven't really checked it out too much. It does have a lot of post's on the site though.

Also I have found blogs some of which have made me laugh and some that have made me cry. It's a great thing to be able to find other's who we can relate to. So here are some of the blog's that have also helped me keep my sanity.

Nerdy at home dad's
Jame's Blog site. who is also a Doctor Who fan so you know he's cool!

Dad on the run
Eric's Blog site. I have read his post's great writing !

Big boned biker
Micah's blog site. Though he say's it's not dad related I seen where he has talked about his kid's and working out in the same blog's so it is dad related. HA! Micah I got ya.

Geek Daddio of Four
Mike's Blog site. Some great reading here too and that Pesto Veggie Pizza look's KILLER !

Big Cheese Dad
Carl's Blog site. Some good reading on here too. He also listen's to Chicago so he can't be all that bad right .

Cooking with SAHD
Phil's cooking blog. BRILLIANT! I seen a bunch of awesome recipe's on here and the sweet potato hash looked killer.

Dad N Charge
Chris's Blog site. Good reading here as well, and he called someone Crusty Yogapants! That's just awesome.

Designer Daddy
Brent's blog site. Some more good reading on this one. He also has a store on there selling T-shirt's all of the profit go to JJ's college fund. needless to say cool!

I Hope I Win A Toaster
Bill's Blog site. Yes it's a actual blog with some great content and idea's on it. I especially loved the idea of the time capsule email. BRILLIANT!

Not so much at home dad related but they are still authored by at home dad's so lets show them some love!

Elope Asheville
Another Stay at home dad working his butt off online to provide for his family. He also has a blog on this site it's worth checking out.

If you have found any of this information useful please share it with other's who may be able to benefit from it. Also please if you have any comment's I am more than glad to hear them, Or if you have a blog site you would like posted leave me a message. And thanks for reading!