Monday, February 17, 2014

From the mouth's of children

Randomness from Rebel.

  This hopefully will turn into a constant thing, knowing our daughter and some of the crazy thing's I have heard her say I'm sure that it will.


Standing in the kitchen tonight and washing some of the dishes while Anna was cooking dinner. This conversation took place.

(Prelude: After Rebel got home from school we gave the kid's strawberries as a snack. Rebel and Ryder ate a whole tub except for like three so about eight for Rebel and four for Ryder. Then 15 minute's before dinner was done.)

Rebel: When is dinner going to be done? I'm hungry.

Grandma: I don't see how you could be hungry after all the strawberries you ate.

Anna: Rebel, tell her you have a hollow leg.

Rebel: Gramma I have a hollow head!

Anna: NO! A hollow leg

Grandma: I believe that.

Rebel: I do have a hollow head!

Me: *laughing so hard I'm about to cry*


 Ryder had just woke up from his nap, as I'm getting his snack.

Rebel: Daddy when Ryder is done with his snack could we please go back outside?

Me: Honey I don't know I have to get dinner cooking and the only place you can play is the back yard.
   (The back yard is very small but it's all we have that's fenced in right now)

Rebel: I promise it's still nice out, could we please... I don't care if it's outback. I'll get Ryder's shoes on and I don't care if I have to change his butt. 

  Well I guess I will let them obviously she wants to go outside.


Rebel: Hey daddy we're acting like dogs. Not just any dogs... Talking dogs!