Friday, February 14, 2014

Nuclear Pull up

This morning our son decided he was going to get up with his sister at 6:15, no problem I would have stayed up working on my blog or hanging out with the guy's drinking coffee until he woke up anyway. We got Rebel dressed, all of her thing's ready for her valentine's day party and got her on the bus. 

 I took him to the bathroom the same thing we have been doing for the past week, trying to get him potty trained. What a adventure that is in itself, he sit's on the potty for a little while then tell's me he is done. I check it to see if he went, he pooped like a champ I was so proud.

About a hour later I'm sitting here at the computer trying to finish up my latest blog. Support for Stay at Home Dad's, Ryder was sitting next to me in the recliner watching his morning cartoon's. and I smelled something... It smelled so bad I wanted to duct tape one of the tree air freshener's you use in your car to my nose. This stench literally permeated throughout the entire room, it was untraceable. I got up thinking maybe one of the dogs went to the bathroom in the house, I searched and searched couldn't find anything. Thinking to myself I hope that it's not coming from my son's butt I do a spot check on the outside of his pull up Dinosaur still there check, no brown around the edges check so it's not him.

 I'm like ok well it's time to take Ryder to the bathroom anyway so I'll open the back door and let some fresh air in on our way. Got the door open and I was so relieved to have some fresh air in my lung's. We make it back to the bathroom without anymore stench, I pull out the back of his pull up and don't see anything. So instead of tearing it apart on the side's I just pull it down. Then..... OH MY GOD !! It almost knocked me on my butt this runny gooey mush which is now streaked down his leg's smell's so bad I'm gagging, and wishing I had duct taped that little green tree to my nose. 

This pull up could have leveled a city with the stench it was putting off. I'm quite surprised I didn't wake up the wife from the noise I was making trying to get away from it. I honestly think it burnt some of my nose hair's.  I learned a valuable lesson today, Ryder DOES NOT get anymore baked bean's. Well let's make that two lesson's. The second being I need to keep a little green tree in my back pocket at all time's.